Why Rentokil

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Getting back to work and staying protected

Many countries around the world have passed a peak of coronavirus infections and are removing restrictions on people and businesses to get their economies moving again. Employees are worried about the risks of COVID-19 infection if they have to return to their workplaces and will expect employers to provide a safe environment. Buildings that have been left empty have been at risk of pest infestations and the contamination and damage that they can do.

Rentokil has a range of pest control solutions and integrated hygiene services to help return buildings and workplaces back to normal use and ensure the safety of employees.

Helping businesses stay protected

Rentokil offers a range of innovative solutions to support safer, more hygienic working environments, to reassure staff and customers and protect your people and premises now and in the future.

Recovery pest control services

Our comprehensive recovery solutions eliminate any pest issues that may have occurred during periods of closure and help ensure that your premises are pest-free and safe to use. We then provide ongoing management and continued support to help you stay protected.

Pest disinfection services to reduce the risk of illnesses associated with infestations.

Proofing and prevention services for your building to keep your property safe.

Highly targeted infestation treatments to eliminate any potential pest problems.

Integrated hygiene services

Maintaining good hygiene practices on your premises is an essential way to combat the spread of harmful pathogens that can occur via contact, droplet or airborne transmission. Adopting a holistic approach to hygiene that covers air, hand and surface hygiene helps minimise risk of transmission in your business.

Our integrated hygiene package provides surface and personal hygiene solutions designed to protect colleagues and visitors by creating a safer working environment. The package includes our industry-leading hand hygiene and air purification solutions, combined with professional surface disinfection services. These solutions are provided by our local brands in 45 countries where we offer hygiene services.

Professional precautionary disinfection service which helps to maintain high levels of hygiene in your premises.

Hand hygiene solutions, such as no-touch hand sanitisers, to help minimise cross-contamination.

Air purification for more hygienic air, reduced health risks and staff and customer reassurance.

Safeguarding for the future

We’ve created a range of protective services that give you peace of mind, help safeguard your business and reassure your employees and customers. These services are designed to support high hygiene standards and ensure your premises remain pest-free even during closed periods.

Enhanced pest control

As the global leaders in pest management solutions, we use the latest technologies for our innovative pest management solutions to keep your business protected from potential pest threats – even when access is restricted.

24/7 monitoring and control to protect premises, equipment and stock, even during closed periods, with our PestConnect solutions.

myRentokil provides a real-time, online pest management, reporting and analysis system for proactive pest control.

Integrated pest management programmes tailored to your business’s future needs, giving you peace of mind that pests are under control.

Protecting people and premises

Our range of solutions that help keep you safe – now and in the future – also includes:

  • Advice and educational materials to support greater awareness

  • Personal protection and hygiene solutions to safeguard your colleague’s health and wellbeing

  • Continuity-of-service plan, so you’re always protected – even if further closures are enforced.