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Heat Treatment: Entotherm

Rentokil’s Entotherm heat treatment is a chemical-free method of pest control effective against pest insects such as bed bugs and cockroaches through the targeted application of heat.

Our Entotherm has been awarded the Best Business Award for Best Innovation in the private sector in the UK. This same technology has been brought here in the UAE to offer an alternative treatment to households and businesses in the market.

Developed with its partner Revival Environmental, this ground breaking heat treatment is revolutionising the way the industry manages bed bugs, cockroaches and other insect pest.

Effective Heat Treatment

Entotherm reaches all areas of an infestation without any fabric or structural damage.

The mobile system delivers dry transferable heat to any contained area is highly suitable for businesses such as hotels, hospitals, public transportation, residential and homes.

Benefits of Entotherm

  • Minimal business disruption - A single, fast acting treatment is effective against pest problems.

  • Protects your business reputation - As pest issues are solved quickly and effectively.

  • Chemical-free - Process allows treated areas to be re-used directly after, with no residual side effects.

  • Saves on the cost - Of disposing items that cannot be chemically treated e.g. mattresses, furnishings.

  • Reduces - the use of pesticides.

How Treatment Works

Heat treatment kills all lifecycle stages of the target pest – eliminating eggs, larvae and adult insects in one treatment.

The heat eradicates pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches by denaturing the protein within their bodies and disrupting the waxy layers on the outside of the insect, causing dehydration.

  • The process works by heating a liquid syrup and delivering it through insulated pipes to heat exchangers placed strategically within the treatment area.
  • Heat probes are used to monitor the heat in all areas of the room which helps ensure extermination of all target insect pest.

Also approved as an International Standard of Phytosanitary Management (ISPM) 15 wood treatment, Entotherm heat treatment is an effective, chemical free treatment. For further information on Rentokil Entotherm heat treatment, please download our