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We provide a complete range of bird and pigeon control services within Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

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Experience and Innovation in Bird Control

Rentokil is the world’s leading pest control company, protecting businesses and homes for over 80 years.

We understand bird issues can create significant, costly damage and health issues for your home and business. For this reason, Rentokil provides a complete range of bird control solutions to solve any issue:

  • Humane and non harmful
  • Permanent bird proofing systems
  • Bird Mist repellant system
  • Laser repellant system
  • Visual repellant system
  • Non-Harmful Electric Shock system
  • Bird and pigeon control systems to suit building asthetics

Peace of Mind

Your inquiry will be dealt with smoothly and efficiently from the point of your call, to the quote that we provide and to the time the Rentokil Technician arrives and leaves your property.

  • You can rest assured that your family and / or workplace is fully looked after by our capable team who understands your needs.
  • We will provide you with a tailored bird control solution suited to your specific requirements

Fully Trained & Municipality Approved

Global training centres ensure that our technicians are the most highly trained in the industry. Our experts are trained to understand the lifestyles, habitats, control and bird control and prevention methods. Extensive pest identification training ensures we can protect families and businesses FASTER!

Technicians are approved by Municipalities:

  • Dubai Municipality
  • Abu Dhabi Municipality
  • Sharjah Municipality

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"I wanted to say that the exterminator Benedict was excellent. He listened to everything I had to say, took his time to investigate, and was very knowledgeable and thorough."

Raymond Kisswany -

"Very good we are on our second year on our contract and we are happy about it. We also like the fact you send the same person as he knows our house well."

Lauren Anderson -