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Electric Fly Killers

Our electric Luminos Fly Killer range uses unique encapsulation technology or glue boards to capture and kill flying insects.

These fly killers are suitable for a range of internal environments and a wide variety of businesses with specific requirements for highly effective fly control.

Each Luminos unit has a unique feature, but all fly killers are designed to be hygienic and to meet all legal and health and safety requirements.

They have been scientifically tested using a Half Life Measurement to ensure optimum performance.

Call us to discuss our range of electric fly killers for your home or business.

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Luminos Sapphire Fly Killer

Luminos Sapphire is a discreet and attractive unit specifically designed for front of house fly control, where both discretion and effectiveness are essential.

It has a modern design that offers a stylish and effective way of controlling flying insects in public areas.


  • Discreet and stylish design - allows use in any public areas.
  • Simple and flexible installation - supplied ready for use and suitable for wall mounting or table top.
  • Safety compliant – conforms to all relevant European electrical and UV safety standards.
  • Proven success - In a series of tests designed to compare effectiveness, the Luminos Sapphire fly control outperformed many of the leading products currently available on the market*.

To ensure optimum performance:

  1. Glue board should be replaced at regular intervals, dependent on infestation levels.
  2. Lamp should be replaced annually at the beginning of the fly season.

* 313 tests carried out on 87 units affecting 31300 flies over a 28 month period (2010)

Luminos 1 Fly Killer

Luminos 1 is a highly effective glue board fly control unit.

This fly killer offers a cost effective fly control solution for your business.

It has been designed for businesses with relatively low risk environments such as food retail operations. It can be wall mounted or installed on a flat surface using an additional bracket.

By trapping the insects, you avoid the problem of insect fragments, which occurs when using traditional electric grid fly killer units.


  • Highly effective - eliminates the nuisance caused by flying insects.
  • Discreet, unobtrusive design - can be used in public areas.
  • Safe and hygienic - no pesticides or flying insect fragments.
  • Provides peace of mind - fulfils legal and health & safety requirements.
  • Adaptable - can be wall mounted or sited on a flat surface, using an additional bracket.

Luminos 3

Luminos 3 has been specifically designed to offer effective fly control for food retailers and property management companies. The unit has a highly effective glue board that is designed for use in medium risk areas. The glue board covers the back and base of the unit, requiring replacement every 4 to 8 weeks depending on local environments.

Luminos 3 is available in silver & blue and can be used in public areas.

Benefits to your business:

  • Discreet unobtrusive design – for use in public areas.
  • Highly effective –reduces the nuisance caused by flies.
  • Effective glue board – Covers back and base of the unit.
  • Supplied ready to use – 3x15W lamps and glue board.
  • Safe and hygienic - no pesticides and insect fragments.
  • Peace of mind - fulfils legal, health and safety requirements.

Suitable for:

  • Convenience food retailers
  • Large food retailers
  • Facilities managers
  • Offices

Luminos 3 Plus Fly Killer

This Luminos 3 Plus unit has been designed to deliver enhanced flying insect control for businesses. It offers a higher level of protection than provided by standard glue board fly units.

Rentokil's unique fly encapsulation technology reduces the risk of contamination from flying insects and the fragmentation or blow out of dead insects associated with electric grid fly zappers.

This key feature also eliminates the risk of secondary infestations, as dead insects are encapsulated in the adhesive film.


  • Protection - protects your customers, employees and brand from the negative effects of fly infestations.
  • Encapsulation - reduces the risk of contamination from flying insects and the fragmentation or blow out of dead insects.
  • Eliminates the risk of secondary infestation - as dead insects are encapsulated in the adhesive film.

  • Ease of servicing - with little disturbance to your business.
  • Peace of mind - fulfills legal and health & safety requirements.
  • Discreet attractive design - can be used in public areas.
  • Safe and hygienic – no pesticides or flying insect fragments.

Luminos 4

Luminos 4 Fly Killer has been developed to offer highly effective fly control in areas where there is very low tolerance to flying insects. Using unique encapsulation technology developed by Rentokil, Luminos 4 is available in two variants: Wall mounted and double sided (suspended).

Benefits to your business:

  • Insects are caught quickly – large catch area with high UV output
  • Reduces risk of contamination from flying insects
  • Eliminates risks of secondary infestation
  • Effective against all types of flying insects
  • Safe to use in the most sensitive areas
  • Fulfils legal and health & safety requirements
  • Supplied ready to use – 4x15W lamps and adhesive film

Suitable for:

  • Clean room facilities
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • General Industrial sites