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Farming and Agriculture

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Farming and Agriculture

At Rentokil, we have many years of experience and expertise in supporting the farming community with all their pest control needs.

We can advise on housekeeping, proofing and stacking, to minimise the risk of infestation.

By providing effective pest control solutions we can protect your business from multiple pest threats:

  • Rats and mice are known to cause great damage to farm buildings and equipment. On top of the danger of disease, rodents also pose a fire hazard due to their ability to chew through electrical wiring and cables.
  • Flying insects can contaminate your stocks and pose a health threat to your livestock.
  • Stored Product Insects (SPIs), such as beetles and weevils, can infest grain and commodities, resulting in loss of revenue and reputation with your customers.

Rentokil’s Services for the Agriculture Industry

Problems with pests are a constant cause for concern for those in the agriculture industry. Our control solutions will protect your livestock, property, land and any stored products against daily pest threats.

Call us for expert solutions to control pests in the farming and agriculture industries.

Our Service Benefits

  • FREE site survey - onsite survey for your business by a specialist surveyor to develop a tailored service plan for your farm land/ property.

  • Specialist bird control - our range of professional services for pest birds will protect your property and stocks.

  • Regular visits - regular visits from one of our technicians experienced and trained in farming pest control methods, ensure your farms stay hygienic and minimize pests.

  • Seasonal pests support - will help to control seasonal pests like flying insects which can contaminate stocks and spread disease to livestock.