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Residual Disinfection Services

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Fully Approved By Municipality for Disinfection Services

Precautionary Disinfection Services on Suspected and Confirmed Covid-19 cases

Qualified and Experienced Technicians

Disinfection Services: About our Treatment

Our general disinfection services are targeted against germs (Virus, Bacteria, Fungi and Protozoa).

We use the 7th generation globally proven and tested disinfectant that uses reactive barrier technology, liquid microemulsion polymeric matrix to ensure optional sustained release system. The disinfectant once treated is adhered to the surface and is active even after multiple cleaning sessions (up to 7 days) thereby providing added biosecurity. The system is in compliance with BPA.


Rentokil NPC Disinfection Services

If there are no confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 on your site, we can carry out a specialist disinfection service to help protect against microbial infection, and to help you maintain a high level of hygiene in your premises. 

Our experienced technicians will apply the appropriate PPE and RPE before using ULV disinfection fogging to disinfect your premises. This allows for large areas to be treated quickly and efficiently, as the extremely small droplets of the disinfectant fog settle underneath, on top of and on the sides of many objects and inaccessible areas. There is also the option for our technicians to carry out manual targeted touchpoint cleaning, which can include the cleaning of door handles, light switches and kitchen surfaces, using a high-level disinfectant. Full, safe and legally compliant waste disposal is also provided.


Service Benefits of our Residual Disinfection Service


  • High-level disinfectant cleaner

  • Non-corrosive

  • Non-residual organoleptic effect on food

  • Low toxicity

  • Effective in soft or hard water

  • Triple active reducing need to rotate products

  • Maintains efficacy in heavy organic soiling, blood, and proteins

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