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Kills Coronavirus in the air*

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises that COVID-19 is transmitted from person to person via aerosols in the air. Extremely small particles do not sink to the floor immediately, but are carried in air currents for up to four minutes and across several metres, before landing on surfaces**.

Our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers use a triple filtration process with a UV-C reactor chamber to kill 99.9999% of airborne viruses and bacteria, including Coronavirus, on a single air pass*.

*When independently tested against Coronavirus DF2 (a surrogate for Coronavirus), Adenovirus, Influenza and Polio, the unit was found to kill 99.9999% of viruses on a single air pass.

**Aalto University, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, VTT Technical

The Importance of Clean Air

While we should all be aware of the importance of handwashing, surface disinfecting and social distancing, the importance of indoor air quality should not be ignored.

Indoor public spaces are natural breeding grounds for viruses, germs, allergens and odours which are released during talking, coughing, sneezing and regular exhalation.

If air quality is not controlled, harmful droplets can linger in the air for hours, even after people have left a room.

To prevent airborne viruses spreading, they should be removed from the air and sterilised immediately. This clean air can then be safely released back into circulation.

Bring clean air into your business with our VIRUSKILLERTM range. VIRUSKILLERTM technology delivers Coronavirus free air, following a single pass through the unit.

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Thanks to the unique filtration process, reactor chamber and UVC technology, contaminated air is constantly being removed and replaced with clean, fresh air.

Triple Filtration Process - Built into each VIRUSKILLER™ unit as standard, meaning it can quickly treat dirty and infected air*.

Reactor Chamber - Our VIRUSKILLER™ units include some of the most advanced UVC reaction technology in the world that inactivates airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mould, bacteria and viruses.

*smallest unit (Hextio) does not contain pre-filter


Hextio is a powerful air purifier designed for targeted protection of a single person in a smaller space.
  • 20m² coverage.
  • Carbon & Particulate Filters
  • Recommended Locations:
    • Desktop use for an individual employee / office worker
    • Bedside use for a single occupant / patient
    • Counter-tops for reception / standing workers

VK 401

Wall mounted unit, perfect for washrooms and other medium sized spaces.
  • 60m² Coverage
  • Pre-filter, Carbon & Particulate Filters
  • Recommended Locations:
    • Medium sized offices
    • Small surgeries and hygiene-sensitive spaces
    • Laboratories
    • Washrooms
    • Small waiting areas
    • Classrooms

VK 103

A floor standing unit ideal for large spaces.
  • 100m² Coverage
  • Pre-filter, Carbon & Particulate Filters
  • Recommended Locations:
    • Reception areas
    • Waiting rooms
    • Communal lounges
    • Large surgeries
    • Wards
    • Dining Areas
    • Gyms

VK 102

Best suited to environments which need to stay clean and sterile.
  • 165m² Coverage
  • Pre-filter, Carbon & Particulate Filters
  • Recommended Locations:
    • Hospital wards
    • Educational common rooms
    • Critical care rooms
    • Quarantine / containment areas

Our VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifiers are suitable for all sectors, including:

  • Manufacturing - Manufacturing environments and similar businesses are busy work environments. Minimise the risk and reduce productivity losses due to sickness using our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers. Complement the existing hygiene protocols currently in place to maintain a safe working environment for your staff.

  • Retail & Hospitality - Indoor shopping centres & restaurants are high-risk zones for cross-contamination of airborne viruses due to the high footfall. Bring confidence to your customers and employees that your retail environment is safe. When used alongside effective hygiene protocols, our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers will help protect your customers and employees, allowing your store to continue to operate safely when it is able to.

  • Education - Keep your students, faculty staff and visitors safe from viruses with our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers. Reduce the need to keep open windows and reduce the risk of airborne diseases from coming to your classrooms.

  • Healthcare - Keep your staff, patients and visitors safe with our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers. Our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier range can cover the needs of Hospitals, Clinics and other medical facilities. Reduce virus transmission between people by removing harmful pathogens from the air.

  • Offices - Protect your staff and visitors and reduce productivity losses due to sickness with our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers. VIRUSKILLER™ can help you create a safe working environment by removing harmful pathogens in your office.

What to Expect from our VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifier Service

1. Contact Us

Arrange a survey with one of our locally-based consultants by completing our online contact form or giving us a call. Our customer service team will arrange for a member of our local team to get in touch and book a survey appointment at a date and time convenient to you

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  • Calls returned within 24 hours of your enquiry (based on normal working hours)

2. Survey

One of our locally-based consultants will visit your premises and assess your air purification requirements. Based on consultative knowledge, our experts can conduct a survey and provide recommendations for our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers based on your business needs

  • Experts in specialist solutions
  • Survey appointment at a time and date convenient to you

3. Delivery

Our team will deliver our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers to your premise anywhere in the UAE.

  • A fast, effective and high standard service

4. Servicing

Depending on your service option, following the delivery, our technicians wearing the appropriate PPE will visit your premises to service the unit as part of the manufacturing requirements.

  • Service trusted all over the globe
  • Highly trained, specialist technicians